Our Story

Hey everybody...Adreain and Derrick here! We are asked two common questions often and want to offer insight into how we met and how Rebirth Hair and Skin Care was born.
As you may already know, we carry a primarily handcrafted line of natural hair and skin care products...our flagship product is an all-natural hair growth oil (enhanced with Monistat...I know right?) that our customers LOVE! Derrick created the original formula after extensive research, trial and error before we met, sharing it with family and friends to test and receive feedback. It was a hit!  We also carry all-natural hair growth and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that gently cleanse and soften, yet provide a nourishing, alluringly-scented and luxurious, spa-like experience at home. Our product line is complete with hair vitamins, detangling brush, and a USB scalp massager. It offers safe and comprehensive self-care for those of us seeking to achieve a full, vibrant, and healthy head of hair!
What many people may not know is I am a Naturalista from Chicago, IL...born and raised! My natural hair just LOVES the Aloe-based, Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Derrick is from Selma, AL. His thinning hair is now a thing of the past. We included his Before and After photo collage in the listings for our Hair Growth Oil as proof it really works. Our faith brought us together and we met finding out our common interests included DIY hair growth oil and natural hair care products!  I came on board, helping my husband Derrick improve and expand our line of products. We never devised "Our Story", until now.
Derrick's inspiration originated in the Summer of 2017 from seeing a Facebook status of a friend (hairstylist by trade) who posted Before and After photos of her own damaged hair and missing edges. Ten days later her photos were of full and vibrant edges, restored due to a handcrafted growth oil she made, enhanced with Monistat. His reaction was "Wow...Is this really a thing?" He immediately began extensive research on repairing damaged hair follicles and regrowing hair from existing bald spots. Starting to experience hair thinning of his own and knowing of friends and family in the same predicament, he was totally interested to create something effective yet appealing to share with them that worked.
After many trials and error, a few tubes of Monistat, hair-loving carrier, and essential oils later, Rebirth Hair Growth Oil was born…a total success! It became known as the-hair-oil-that-smells-good. Those who were given samples quickly returned asking for more, as it began restoring hair that was originally M.I.A. Since its inception, we improved the formulation and are in the process of creating a maximum strength version to be released shortly!
To conclude, we are excited about what the future holds for us, Rebirth Hair and Skin Care, and YOU, our extended family!  Through God’s mercy we anticipate progression, personally and professionally.  In a world FULL of choices, we thank you for the trust you placed in us to become a valued customer. Get excited, cause here we grow again…getting ready to announce our newest additions!!  Be sure to subscribe at RebirthHair.com to be the first to know when new products drop or about the latest promotions.
Derrick and I hugely appreciate you all. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.  Stay safe and take care!