Making Natural Glamourous and Something to Be Celebrated. Perfect For Aging Gracefully, Whether You are Looking For the Best Thickening Products For Fine Hair, Or Focused On How To Get Your Edges To Grow Back, Rebirth Hair is Your Reboot on Sexy, Joyful, Well Defined Hair With Its Own Agenda.


Rebirth Hair and Skin Care

HAIR THERAPY Hair Growth Oil 4oz.


Rebirth Hair and Skin Care

Curl Defining Crème


Rebirth Hair and Skin Care

HAIR THERAPY Hair Growth Moisturizer


Rebirth Hair and Skin Care

HAIR THERAPY Hair Growth Oil 2oz. - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE


Is Lemongrass Oil Good for Hair?




We craft organic, cold-pressed, and therapeutic-grade essential oils to deliver high-quality hair care with naturally boosting Miconazole Nitrate to deliver consistent and sustainable hair growth.

Organic Amla Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Coconut Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil


Growth Oil & Shampoo-- I will definitely be buying the Oil & shampoo again. My entire household has been using both & has seen a tremendous difference with the growth of our hair. The shampoo has a refreshing fragrance & very soothing to your scalp after washing your hair. This is a must purchase for women & men! You won't regret it 😁

Felicia H.

Mobile, AL

All I can say is WOW!--I ordered this late last week, once it arrived at my doorstep I immediately went to the bathroom to wash my hair and try this out. I've gotta say this is probably one of the best shampoos and conditioners I've ever used! The shampoo is nourishing, and has a wonderful lemongrass scent. While the conditioner is very thick, providing a lot of 'slip' which is great for me when detangling my hair or just nourishing my scalp. All in all it's a great combo and I'll definitely be returning to buy another set soon!

Naji S.

Chicago, IL

Best all natural products I have found thus far! The oil is not heavy at all and leaves you with a nice lemony scent, not medicinal smelling like some of the others. The shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair clean and soft. My entire family uses the products and our hair has grown noticeably fast. I get so many compliments from coworkers. I am a Rebirther for life! You better get you some, you won’t regret it!!

Amikka M.

Pleasant Grove, AL

I highly recommend Rebirth hair and skin care. Its very refreshing to the scalp, great smell and helps tremendously with growth. I'm a natural girl and never came across any other product like this take it from a girl who has had trouble finding the right product. Rebirth Hair and Skin Care works for me🤗🤗🤗

Ashley M.

Selma, AL

I bought this product for my Aunt who had thinning hair. She swears by Rebirth. Her hair is full and she is no longer wearing wigs to hide her spots!

Harriet M.

Dallas, TX

Just realized that my daughter reached a full 30 days using Rebirth hair oils yesterday. Her hair growth is crazy, edges are full and her hair is thicker! I'm truly satisfied with my purchase!

Tasha H.

Mobile, AL

Amazing natural hair care product that actually works. This oil has helped my thinning edges to start growing back in. I have suffered with thin edges for years and I finally have a product that produced actual results.

Laurel H.

Birmingham, AL

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Don’t worry, we were lost too. It wasn’t until Derrick found a friend’s FB post showcasing her own journey with thinning edges did we see its potential. In just 10 days this friend had grown back thick, full, and glowing edges. Derrick began using himself, friends, and family as his test subjects, and the results were pretty unbelievable.

Here we are 2 years later with a faith-based bustling business and a maximum strength formula on the way! We can now successfully offer a wide range of products that incorporate essential oils with incredible scents, and a promise to make each and every one of you feel seen, heard, celebrated, and appreciated!

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